MODDB page

•January 25, 2009 • 3 Comments

maybe some of you have already noticed but I thought I’d just put it up here anyways:

We now have our own MODDB page at!

I’m trying to slowly but surely leave this wordpress blog and focus on the moddb page since it’s a way for efficient way of publishing news, posting screenshots, uploading movies, It has a forum and it looks way better to!

So if you’re curious about the new moddb page visit it here!:

For now there’s nothing else to say so till next update!




MARIS voice…again

•January 9, 2009 • Leave a Comment

If you have been following all these post for some time you might know by know we’ve had big problems with the voice of MARIS, from text-to-speech to letting some of my friends record them, and back to text-to-speech again. 

But now I know we’ve found the perfect solution: Rina-chan!

Rina-chan is a great voice-actress, she has voiced over a thousand characters and rising. A multi-talented girl who doubles as a writer and audio producer! For more information about Rina-chan check out her website here.

She will be doing the MARIS voice for the game, and Batfrog (from my previous post) will polish the voice with his mad audio editing skillz! 🙂

I’ll post a sample as soon as I can, happy waiting!



ps:  sorry for being so late but: HAPPY NEWYEAR ALL!!!! and happy cola drinking to colin!

sound baby!

•December 27, 2008 • 1 Comment

as you might have read in the post beneath this one, we might have found someone to make the cool sounding MARIS voice for us.

WRONG!!! he will now be doing all of our sounds/voices effects!

so new team member: batfrog (sound-guy) <–warm welcome please!

slowly but surely this team is starting to grow into a complete set of all people you might be needing to create a mod. one more point for Portal Stories!

progress updates

•December 22, 2008 • Leave a Comment

about the MARIS promise, she’s done alright. but she still needed some polishing up to do like cables hanging from her body. so I’m sorry I don’t have any screen shots for you.

there has been some slight tweaks in the story and I think I’ve found someone to do the MARIS voice for us (still unconfirmed, I’m waiting for a reply).

as for the next beta, you’re not going to play anything until I got that opening scene all figured out. so I guess you’ll have to wait a few weeks, sorry 😦

also I received the next question in my mail box:
“Are you gonna keep posting updates on this blog or are you gonna switch to a REAL domain? It will be much easier for people to reach you and you will be able to manipulate the interface yourself.”

The answer is simple, I’m not planning on trowing away money. I will switch to a real domain eventually but only like a month before the official release.

till the next update!

No big news…

•December 9, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Not much new happened since the last post.
I did get a call from Colin yesterday telling me he will be finished with MARIS by Friday! Let’s hope he keeps his promise and we will have screen shots up and ready by the end of this week.

contest winners

•November 27, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Congratulations to:




and two others people from wich we don’t know the name.

The reason for the result delay was because the winning ideas lacked only one thing: their names. I tried to figure them out but no luck so far.

anyways, thanks for all those who had send in an idea or design. Winners will receive E-mail notification and a place in the credits.



design contest & some more updates!

•November 20, 2008 • Leave a Comment

hey all!

I’ve been experimenting with the MARIS voice A LOT. But finally I think I’ve found “The” MARIS voice. you can listen/download it via the download section of the blog. If anyone has some suggestions/tips/hints/criticism whatever. feel free to let me know about it by either leaving a comment on the blog or by contacting us by email:

I’ve also added a “Contact” page for the blog so you will always know how to contact us.

So this is the final day for sending in the designs you all made. better hurry because we wont accept any designs that are send in after the deadline (November 20th) unless the design is rockin’ awesome and kick ass in many different directions. I think we will choose our winners in two days from now.

If your still interested in entering the contest you can check the contest page over here.


Happy waiting!